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Looking for Something Better in a Car Phone Kit?

Looking for Something Better in a Car Phone Kit?

Looks at best consumer options for buying a good car phone kit. Dos and don’ts for buying car phone kits.

There’s so many car phone kits on the market you could go cross-eyed. Some are great, some are definitely not so great, in fact they’re terrible. Some “car phone kit installers” still actually put holes in the car when they’re installing these prehistoric kits! Technology direct from 1990.

That, you don’t need. It’s well worth it for your wallet’s perspective and your peace of mind as well as your quality of phone kit to go looking for something really good. If you’re looking for a benchmark standard for phone kits, start with an iPhone car kit or another top brand.

How to buy a car phone kit

Now is the time to start getting fussy about your car phone kit. You really should be able to get a top of the line kit for a very decent price. You can also avoid the traps pretty easily.

These are the basics:

Don’t just get any old thing- Literally, this means don’t buy Brand X or older kits. Brand X phone kits are truly terrible, without exception. The older car phone kits are really primitive compared to the new ones. Avoid these fossils like the plague, because they sometimes can’t even do the job with new phones.

Don’t buy from “mixed” sellers- You’re much better off buying from car kit specialists, because they’re real experts and can always help if you’re having difficulties with a kit. They also give much better warranties and can deliver when they say they can service your kit if it needs it.

The big issue- Quality!

You put a bit of effort into getting a good phone. So put equal effort into finding the right car kit. The top brands are a bit more expensive, but they’re also tailor made for your phone, reliable and can save you endless hassles when you’re on the road. A good car phone kit is all about quality, and for a few extra bucks you can get a kit that will do anything you want it to do.

Important- Find the right suppliers!

Following on from the advice to deal with specialist car phone kit providers, a bit of shopping around will find the really efficient online suppliers. These guys are a league or several above the retailers in terms of knowledge and service.

The simple fact is that they have the technical expertise onsite, where the retailers often don’t, and tend to mutter about manufacturers and sending the kit off for servicing. That’s expensive in terms of time as well as money.

Even if it does cost a bit of money, the specialist car phone kit suppliers can speed up the turnaround time if there are any problems. They can also help with tech support whenever you need it.

Renting a car?

If you’re renting a car for business or holidays and want a car phone installed, the top suppliers can put a no-holes car kit in to your car with no problems at all. You won’t breach the terms of the car lease, and you’ll find when you compare car hire that the top car hire people are on the ball and understand the need for a car phone.

Getting the right car phone kit is easy- Get the best, and nothing else!

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